The Characteristic of a Good Management


1) Understandable

Since information is already in a summarize form, it must be understood by the receiver so that he will interpret it correctly. He must be able to decode any abbreviati0ns, shorthand notation or any other acronyms contain in the information. It help the work run smoothly and easier to every worker.

2) Relevant

Information is good only if it is relevant. This means that it should be pertinent and meaningful to the decision maker and should be in his area of responsibility. It really helpful to every department in doing their particular job because the information that they get is useful to user.

3) Complete

It should contain all the facts that are necessary for the decision maker satisfactory solve the problem at hand using such information. Nothing important should be left out. Although information cannot always be complete, every reasonable effort should be made to obtain it. By using the information, the user can save their time in finishing the work.

4) Concise

To much information its a big burden on management and cannot be processed in time and accurate due to bounded rationality. Bounded rationality determined the limit of the thinking process which cannot sort out and process large amount of information. Information should be straight to the point. No more no less.

5) Timely

Information must be delivered at the right time and the right place to the right person. Premature information can be obsolete or be forgotten by the time it is actually needed. Senior manager can make a decision timely when they have a problem in a particular department.

6) Cost Effective

The information is not desirable if the solution is more costly than the problem. The cost of gathering data and processing it into information must be weighed against the benefit derived from using such information.
Every company should have all of this six characteristic of good management information system because it help to improve the performance of company. Meanwhile it will motivate the employer by using this IT because employer can settle their task easier.


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2) Haag S and Cummings M, Mangement Information System for The Information Age, 8th Edition, McGraw Hill. 2010


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