Running The Business from The Palm Of Your Hands

Hey guys ! What’re you waiting at?

Grab the opportunities to become one of the students who manage business through social media and you can see the difference when you have pocket full of money. Its easy! as ABC.

mis work (nas)The iPhone is not a game changer, it’s an industry changer !


What is e-commerce?

  • E-commerce is a use of the internet and web to transact business.
  • For example, we purchased a brand new clothes at LAZADA in the marketspace.

Why internet?

  • There’s 8 unique features of internet as commercial medium.


7 Categories of Internet Business Model

1. E-tailer

  •  Online retail stores.
  • Sell physical products directly to consumers.
  • Example: Amazon


2. Transaction broker

  • Salesperson doesn’t represent but handle the transaction only.
  • Middleman roles of facilitating search, contract, regulation, & maintenance.
  • Example: Trivago (Hotels)


3. Market creator

  • They build digital environment where buyer and seller can meet, search for products and establish the prices for those products.
  • Example: Ebay

The eBay logo

4. Content provider

  • Providing digital environment such as news, music, photo, or video over the web.
  • Consumer may pay for an access the content and can generate income from advertisement space.
  • Example: iTunes


5. Community provider

  • Provides an online meeting places where people with similar interest can communicate and find useful info.
  • People can transact, share interest.
  • Example: Facebook


6. Portal

  • Are getaway to web, sites, which users set as their homepage.
  • Provide initial point of entry to the web along with specialized content and other  services.
  • Example: Google, Bing, Internet Explorer


7. Service provider

  • Provide web 2.0 application such as photo sharing, video sharing.
  • Provide other services such as online data storage & backup.
  • Example: Google apps, Dropbox, Gmail

google-apps images-3


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