customer intimacy

Today i would like to share to u all about my experience on customer intimacy. Actually many company in this era use  customer intimacy as one of their strategy to gain trust of  their customer. Based on word customer intimacy, you all must think the relationship between the customer and the seller. Yes, that correct as simple explanation. In the other words ,customer intimacy means how the firm treat their customer and how the firm do to keep the customer as regular customer.

Okay, my story begin when i stay at Sri Malaysia at melaka. Just  like  aways when the first time i come to stay here, i need to fill many kind of form.Then after that, i come to stay for second time,by calling the hotel, the registrar already know my data. So i did not need to fill the foam again. isn’t it great and make think more smooth. As  you can see, customer  intimacy make customer feel more secure and can gain the trust from customer. That all for tonight .i will share more  later. take care . till we meet again, ^.^



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